Russian hygiene certification, sanitary certification 

Russian hygiene certification, sanitary certification.

INO «IQC» - gost certificate of quality, russian certificate of compliance, lab Rostest.
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Products subject to compulsory russian sanitary certification

  • Foodstuffs – natural or processed edible products (including child food and dietary food), bottled drinking water, alcohol (including beer), soft drinks, chewing-gum, as well as basic food stuff, food supplements and biologically-active supplements.
  • Goods for children: games and toys, clothes, bed linen, footwear, school supplies, stationery, furniture, prams (baby carriages), satchels, artificial polymeric and synthetic materials for child goods manufacturing.
  • Materials, equipment and substances used in industrial systems of drinking water supply.
  • Perfumery and cosmetic preparations, products for mouth cavity hygiene.
  • Chemical and petrochemical products for industrial application and household chemical goods.
  • Polymeric and synthetic materials for construction industry, transport applications, manufacturing of furniture and other housekeeping goods; chemical threads and fibers, textile and knitwork fabrics containing chemical fibers and textile additives; artificial and synthetic leather, and textile materials for footwear.
  • Machine-building and instrument-making goods for industrial, medical and domestic use.
  • Publishing industry products: text books, aids, didactic materials for secondary and high general education institutions, books and magazines for children and teenagers.
  • Products made of natural raw materials after processing (painting, impregnation, irradiation by ionizing particles, etc.).
  • Materials for skin-contacting products.
  • Products and goods in the form of ionizing radiation sources, including radiation-generating sources, as well as products and goods containing radioactive substances.
  • Building raw materials and materials subject to hygienic regulation of radioactive substance content, including building wastes and scrap metal for reprocessing and secondary industrial application.
  • Mobile transportation vehicles and products for transportation applications.
  • Disinfectants, disinsectants and rodent preparations for household, medical and preventive use, as well as for other applications to ensure health and safety of people (except those used in veterinary).


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