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GOST R certification of products and goods imported to Russia

According to the Decision of the State Custom Committee of the Russian Federation dated October 1, 2000, the goods of foreign origin imported into the Russian Federation should be certified in accordance with certification standards applicable in Russia. There are some kinds of products, which do not require the attached russian certificates of compliance. However, a list of such products is very short. Even if the imported goods are not subject to compulsory russian certification , the importing company is supposed to produce a refusal letter to prove optional russian certification requirements for the declared goods. In conformity with earlier signed intergovernmental agreements, the gost certificates of quality issued in Russia are also valid in Bielorussia, Kazakhstan and Georgia. All the CIS member-countries require the accordance of the imported products to the standards GOST R. The existing situation is established because these countries do not do own well-equipped laboratories to carry out russian certification tests on their territories. Except for the Ukraine, where quality certificates are issued for some kinds of products, the rest CIS member-countries recognize and prove the quality certificate GOST R issued in Russia. ISO quality certificates are not sufficient to prove the goods and products accordance to the GOST R standards. There are some differences between GOSSTANDART norms and ISO standard system. Therefore, the importing company is supposed to produce the russian certificate GOST R and hygiene certificate of the Health Ministry of RF instead of available ISO and CE certificates of compliance. For custom clearance purpose the declarant is supposed to submit to the custom office the original of the gost certificate of compliance or its copy certified by the issuing authority. It is the law of the Russian Federation "Protection of Consumers’ Rights in Russia" that makes submission of the this russian certificate of compliance binding during custom clearance of the imported goods. The State Custom Committee and Gosstandart adopted a special regulation to approve a list of goods subject to compulsory russian certification. The gost certificate of compliance is issued in the name of a person for the batch of goods delivered under fully executed foreign trade contracts. The gost certificate of compliance is issued by the authority after carrying out a test program for each kind of the certified goods. 

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