Russian certification authority accredited by Gosstandart (Rostechnadzor) 
INO «IQC» - gost certificate of quality, russian certificate of compliance, lab Rostest.
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Certification authority accredited by Gosstandart gov «ROSCERTIFICATION»

Accreditation certificate ROSS RU.0001.11AI09 Rostechnadzor
Accreditation certificate of «ROSCERTIFICATION» Accreditation field of the russian certification authority:
  • Construction products:
    • Concrete and reinforced concrete structures
    • Concrete and mortar
    • Wood structures
    • Road-building materials
    • Metallic structures
    • Structures made of other materials
    • Roofing, hydroinsulation and sealing materials and products
    • Mineral binding materials
    • Window and door frames made of wood, steel, PVC profiles and aluminium alloys
    • Finishing and facing materials
    • PVC profiles
    • Dual-pane windows
    • Wall and masonry materials
    • Heat- and sound-insulation materials and products
    • Crushed-stone, gravel and sand for building work
  • Goods of engineering industry:
    • Ordinary metal rolled stock
    • Metal ware for manufacturing applications (wire products)
    • Fixtures for engineering industry
    • Nonferrous metal rolled stock
    • Goods of chemical and oil engineering industry
    • Industrial pipe accessories
    • Metal- and woodworking machinery
    • Tools, production accessories, abrasives
    • Goods of motor-car industry
    • Frictionless bearings
    • Tractors and agricultural machinery
    • Goods of construction, road-building and municipal engineering industry
    • Sanitary ware. Locking and iron ware
    • Technological equipment for light and food industry, domestic appliances
  • Electrical equipment:
    • Electrical machinery
    • Electromechanical equipment and materials
    • Cable products
    • Computers
    • Instruments and computerized aids for general industrial application
    • Instruments and computerized aids of special industrial application
    • Optical instruments and equipment
    • Electronic equipment
    • Radio communication, broadcasting and telecasting facilities
    • Wire communication facilities and radio communication equipment (terminal and intermediate)
    • Domestic appliances
  • Chemical and general mechanical rubber goods:
    • Polymers, plastics, chemical fibers and rubbers
    • Household chemical goods, lacquers and paints
    • Mechanical rubber and asbestos products
  • Crockery and household goods
  • Goods of woodworking industry
  • Industrial products
  • Containers
Additional services of the russian certification authority:
  • Certification of specialists in the construction industry
  • Pre-certification preparation of production sites
  • Development of technological and quality system documentation
A certificate issued by the russian certification authority «ROSCERTIFICATION» is valid throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The certification authority takes responsibility for implementing the whole program of the product certification tests involved into accreditation procedure, which are made on the basis of the Test Centers in the Moscow, Kaluga, Smolensk and Tula Regions. 

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