Russian certification authorities accredited by Rostechnadzor 

Russian certification authorities accredited by Rostechnadzor.

INO «IQC» - gost certificate of quality, russian certificate of compliance, lab Rostest.
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Independent Non-profitable Organization «Interregional Quality Center»

INO «Interregional Quality Center» was set up under the sponsorship of the Construction Department of the Kaluga Region Administration and with participation of Gosstroy gov ru on the basis of the institution «Kalugaoblsert» and test centers of the Kaluga and Smolensk Regions.

Structure of INO «IQC»

As an assignee of the founding organizations, INO «IQC» performs the following functions:
  • Certification of products and specialists in construction according to nomenclature of Gosstroy gov (GOST R)
  • Certification of industrial products according to nomenclature of Gosstandart gov (GOST R)
  • Certification of products in the certification system «ROSSTROYSERTIFIKATSIYA» (RSS)
  • Registration of fire safety certificates
  • Registration of hygiene certificates
  • Pre-licensing and pre-certification preparation of organizations
  • Development of technological and quality system documentation
  • Testing of all kinds of industrial products
  • Assessment of production state
  • Technical examination of real estate objects
  • Technical supervision
  • Design of buildings and constructions


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