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Nomenclature of products and services subject to compulsory russian certification

  • Russian certification of building products:
    1. Window and balcony door frames made of wood and wood-aluminum materials
    2. Window and balcony door frames made of polymeric materials
    3. Mortise and rim door locks class II-IV
    4. Dual-pane windows
  • Russian certification of goods of machine-building industry:
    1. Household equipment for water purification
    2. Manual household pumps
    3. Manual household compressors
    4. Household equipment for air and gas purification
    5. Small-size metal cutters (household)
    6. Woodworking machines (household)
    7. Fitting and installation tools
    8. Abrasive tools
    9. Diamond tools
    10. Wood-cutting tools
    11. Products used in different branches of industry
    12. Motor transportation vehicles
    13. Special and specialized motor vehicles for transportation of building materials and cargo
    14. Public utility motor vehicles
    15. Motorcycles, motor scooters and bicycles
    16. Boat engines
    17. Small-size agricultural tractors and motor units
    18. Tools and equipment for farming applications
    19. Hand-held tools (household)
    20. Pneumatic-driven tools
    21. Hydraulic- and pneumatic-driven tools
    22. Elevators
    23. Solid, liquid and gas-fuel household equipment
    24. Heating boilers
    25. Kitchen equipment
    26. Hand-held firearms (non-military)
    27. Pleasure river and sea boats of common use
    28. Prams (baby carriages)
  • Russian certification of goods of electrotechnical, electronic and instrument-making industries:
    1. Refrigeration and thermoelectric kitchen cabinets for freezing and storage of foodstuffs
    2. Cooking equipment
    3. Mechanical kitchen units
    4. Sanitary and hygienic equipment
    5. Microclimate and soft heat-generating equipment
    6. Sewing machines
    7. Other household instruments and tools
    8. Machinery and equipment for farming and farming household
    9. Sanitary and hygienic machinery
    10. Polyvinyl chloride-insulated cables wires and cords for voltage up to 450/750 V inclusive
    11. Rubber-insulated cables, wires and cords for voltage up to 450/750 V inclusive
    12. Instrument switches and automatic switches
    13. Break switches for stationary facilities
    14. Electrical connectors
    15. Instrument connectors
    16. Lighting technology fixtures
    17. Lamps
    18. Lighters
    19. Insulation materials
    20. Low-voltage control equipment
    21. Installation protective equipment
    22. Protection devices
    23. Low-power transformers and similar equipment
    24. Electrical welding equipment (household)
    25. Mobile electric power stations
    26. Manual electrical machinery
    27. Accumulators and storage batteries (acidic and alkaline)
    28. Elements and batteries (primary)
    29. Low and middle power electric motors
    30. Measurement instrumentation
    31. Electrical counters
    32. Analog electrical measuring instruments
    33. Warning signal systems
    34. Electronic equipment for entertainment
    35. Playing machines
    36. Office equipment
    37. Computers
    38. Cinema and photo equipment and accessories
    39. Radio communication aids
    40. Telephone and phototelegraph sets for office and exchange application
  • Russian certification of medical equipment:
    1. Stomatological materials
    2. Medical tools
    3. Medical electronics and equipment
    4. Low-frequency medical equipment
    5. High-frequency and quantum medical equipment
    6. Implants
    7. Medical equipment
  • Russian certification of agricultural products and foodstuffs:
    1. Sugar and sugar-based confectionery
    2. Cocoa and cocoa-based stuff
    3. Bread grains, flour, starch and milk stuff, floury confectionery
    4. Vegetable-, fruit-, nut- and other plant-processed stuff
    5. Alcohol, soft drinks and vinegar
    6. Salt
    7. Tobacco and commercial tobacco substitutes
    8. Other different food-stuffs
    9. Coffee, tea, matte (Paraguayan tea) and spicery
    10. Meat and edible meat subproducts
    11. Foodstuffs made of meat, fish and crayfish, shellfish and other water-inhabiting invertebrates
    12. Adipose and vegetable oils, oil-lipolysis stuff
    13. Milk and dairy products, bird eggs, natural honey, foodstuffs of animal husbandry
    14. Fish and crayfish, shellfish and other water-inhabiting invertebrates
    15. Flour-milling and cereal stuff, malt, starch, insulin, wheat gluten
    16. Grain corns
    17. Vegetables and some edible roots and tubers
    18. Fruit-growing products and nuts, peels of citrus plants, melons and grounds
    19. Cosmetic products
    20. Forage and fodder preparations
  • Russian certification of light industry goods:
    1. Child linen cloth
    2. Knitwork child garments
    3. Ready-made child garments
    4. Child footwear
    5. Textile medical products
    6. White ware (porcelain and faience)
    7. Toys
  • Russian certification of goods of raw and woodworking industries:
    1. Crockery made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
    2. Mineral fertilizers
    3. Oxidizers
    4. Protective helmets and headpieces
    5. Detergents
    6. Pesticides
    7. Rubber products
    8. Acids
    9. Hydrogen, inert gases
    10. Plastics and plastic products
    11. Tires
    12. Charcoal
    13. Petroleum products
    14. Plywood
    15. Wood chip materials
    16. Friction materials and products made of friction materials
    17. Safe glass
    18. Furniture
    19. Matches
  • Russian certification of veterinarian biological preparations:
    1. Veterinary biological preparations
    2. Disinfectants
  • Individual respiratory protection aids
  • Package products
  • Pyrotechnical products


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