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Russian design and building department.

INO «IQC» - gost certificate of quality, russian certificate of compliance, lab Rostest.
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Design and Building Department INO "IQC"

Design and building license № GS-1-40-02-26-0-4025078743-002771-1
License for building and structure design License for building and structure design Main activities: I. Building and structure design, responsibility levels 1 and 2. Development of design documentation issues related to construction of buildings and structures and their complexes:
  1. General layout and transport:
    • General layouts (schemes of general layouts) of the territory in the vicinity of buildings, structures and their complexes
    • Schemes and designs of engineering and transportation infrastructure
    • Schemes (designs) of the land improvement in the vicinity of buildings, structures and their complexes:
      • greenery planting
      • engineering preparation of the land
  2. Architecture and building solutions:
    • Architecture (layouts, profiles, elevations)
    • Design solutions:
      • foundations
      • load-bearing and walling structures
  3. Technological solutions:
    • Public buildings and structures and their complexes for:
      • educational, pedagogical activities and personnel training
      • scientific and research institutes, design, public and management organizations
      • public health and rest services
      • physical training and sports clubs
      • entertainment, cultural and educational institutions
      • shopping centers, public catering and consumer services
      • public servicing transport
      • public utilities (except manufacturing, storage and transport buildings and structures)
      • temple complexes, religious buildings and structures, memorials
    • Manufacturing buildings and structure and their complexes for:
      • construction materials
      • building industry
      • road-building and motor-transport services
  4. Engineering equipment, networks and systems:
    • Heating, ventilation and conditioning
    • Water supply and sewerage
    • Heat supply
    • Electric power supply up to 1 kV inclusive
    • Electrical equipment, electrical lighting
    • Communication and signalling systems
    • Radio and television installation
    • Supervision, automation and management of engineering systems
    • Mechanization and transport for inside facility use
  5. Special issues of design documentation:
    • Organization of building
  6. Cost-estimate documentation
II. Functions of General Designer:
  • Execution of design activities related to the buildings, constructions and their complexes of the following types:
    • Housing buildings and their complexes:
      • 4-storied buildings inclusive
      • special housing buildings (dormitories, houses for low-mobile groups of population)
    • Public buildings and structures and their complexes
    • Manufacturing buildings and structures and their complexes
    • Agricultural buildings and their complexes
  • Building on the territory with engineering and geological conditions:
    • Category I (ordinary)


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